From the USA to Mazatlán: Ventanas Mexico

12 June, 2017 09:33  Erin Erin

Kerry in Mexico

Hola!  I’m Kerry and I live in Mazatlán, Mexico, a great working Mexican city on the Pacific coast of Mexico. I moved here about four years ago.

1. Why did you move abroad?
At the time, it was largely financial. I wanted to save money without sacrificing quality of life. I also love the Spanish language (and the English language for that matter). Since then, the reasons have only accumulated.

Every time I have to go back to the United States for business reasons, I add a few more. There are so many negative things going on in the U.S now that it hurts to watch. Mexico, on the other hand, is a forward-moving train. The overall energy on the streets is one of optimism.


From New Jersey to Thailand: Expats With Cats

05 June, 2017 08:30  Erin Erin

Expat with Cats Hi! We’re Tom & Lauren, both from the U.S., where we grew up together in New Jersey. We are currently living in Bangkok, Thailand with our two cats Linus & Luna.

1.    Why did you move abroad?
Back in 2013 we had made our first “big” move and decided to leave New Jersey for Florida. Realistically, we had no idea how long we’d stay with no set plans, but we ended up living in Orlando for two years. We headed back to New Jersey after our hiatus in the lovely sunshine state. When we came back to what we had been so familiar to before, everything seemed so different from what we had been used to in the past, yet felt so unchanged at the same time.

Being back was nice for the perks of being surrounded by family, friends, and familiar places again, but we instantly knew it wasn’t where we wanted to stay. It’s good to remember where you came from, but our surroundings just seemed so stagnant and uninspiring. We began to brainstorm about where we wanted to go next, considering Nashville, Austin, San Diego, or possibly back to Florida. We had even considered purchasing an RV and hitting the road for a while to explore the states.



From Poland to London: Project Abroad

29 May, 2017 08:06  Erin Erin

Project Abroad Hi everyone! My name is Marta, I grew up and studied in Poland and moved to London, UK in 2015. I am a psychologist by education, recruiter by profession, a trainer and blogger by passion.

1.    Why did you move abroad?
I was always eager to open an atlas and look through its different pages to see where the countries are, what the demographics looks like, how the economy differs, what natural resources are available etc. When I got older I added the passion for English language to the picture and got into intercultural communication midway through my studies. Intercultural psychology, reading about it in the books and educating myself prompted me to move abroad after finishing my studies to finally be able to experience it all by myself. And it indeed turned out to be quite an experience!



From the UK to Wiesbaden: Live Work Germany

22 May, 2017 09:23  Erin Erin

live work germany I’m James, originally from Birmingham area, UK. Now living in the beautiful spa town of Wiesbaden, Germany. I run the blog Live Work Germany.

1. Why did you move abroad?
I had been thinking about it for a while. All of my friends were getting married so I thought back then that it was perfect time to take the plunge. I couldn’t really see myself staying in the UK….the weather is so depressing and the prettiest parts of the country are not where most of the jobs are. A German speaking country was the obvious choice because I had lived in Germany for a year as part of my studies.



From Japan to France: Ma drole de vie

15 May, 2017 09:56  Erin Erin

Ma drole de vie Helllo, My name is Nozomi. I am Japanese and living in France. I moved to France a year ago. It was quite a change but so far I love living in France. Currently I am living in the north of France with my French boyfriend.

1.    Why did you move abroad?
I was dreaming of moving abroad ever since I was a child. I was not specifically wanting to move to France, but last year, I was lucky enough to get a job as a Japanese teacher in France. I took French as my minor in university and I knew a great deal about French culture and French language, so I didn’t take time to say YES to the job offer. Also, my French boyfriend (who used to work in Asia) got the current job at almost same time as my job offer, we decided to move (move back for my boyfriend) to France.

2.    How do you make a living?
I work for a school and I teach Japanese mainly to 10-12 year old half-French, half-Japanese children as their first language (heritage language). Not only Japanese language, as some of the kids have strong attachment to Japan/Japanese culture, I also teach them Japanese culture and how to behave in Japan, the same thing they are teaching in elementary school in Japan so that in the future if they get to live in Japan, they do not have problems.



De Argentina a Suiza: Che Negrita

08 May, 2017 10:41  Erin Erin

Che Negrita Hola! Mi nombre es Clara, soy argentina nacida en los ´90 y actualmente vivo en Suiza con mi esposo. Luego de haber vivido 3 años en Florianópolis, Brasil, en agosto del 2016 decidimos vender lo que teníamos y empezar una nueva vida, de nuevo, en Lugano.

1. ¿Por qué se fue al extranjero?

Por amor. Por más cursi que suene a veces, ese fue el motivo principal. A comienzos del 2012 mi marido viajó por unos meses a Florianópolis a hacer una capacitación a la sede central de la empresa para la cual trabajaba. Yo estaba recién recibida y las oportunidades en mi ciudad eran pocas y llevábamos muchos meses separados, entonces decidimos irnos a vivir juntos allá. Estuvimos allí 3 años y unos meses atrás decidimos emprender una nueva aventura juntos. Él consiguió trabajo por internet y con eso definido, vendimos nuestras cosas, metimos lo que entró en 4 valijas y nos vinimos a Lugano. Es una ciudad del Cantón de Ticino, la zona italiana de Suiza, a solo una hora en tren de Milán.

2. ¿Cómo se gana la vida (Su trabajo: Háblenos de su experiencia)
Durante los años que viví en Florianópolis trabajé como diseñadora gráfica y gerente en una empresa de Comunicación Visual. Tenía muy poca experiencia laboral cuando comencé y fui muy afortunada de conseguir un puesto en esta empresa dónde me dieron la posibilidad de crecer no solo profesionalmente sino también como persona.  Con solo 6 meses en esta nueva ciudad y sin manejar bien el italiano aún no he conseguido trabajo pero tengo fe de que pronto aparecerán nuevas oportunidades de desarrollo.


From Switzerland to NYC: Food Etcaetera

01 May, 2017 10:59  Erin Erin

Food Etc My name is Amy (Food Etcaetera on the Internet), and I moved from the French part of Switzerland to New York City two years ago.

1. Why did you move abroad?
My husband got the opportunity to be transferred from his job in Zurich, Switzerland, to New York City. We had lived there for 6 months in 2013 – and absolutely loved it - so we didn’t think much before starting to pack our stuff.

2. How do you make a living?
I was lucky enough to get (or clever enough to ask for) one of the only spouse visas which allows the wifey to work in the United States. I waited a few months before getting it and after that, I was authorized to work for any company in the United States. I explored a few opportunities and I now work as a brand creative, managing visual projects for a big American fashion brand.



From England to Spain: The Madrid Guiri

24 April, 2017 08:07  Erin Erin

The Madrid Guiri My name is Nathan Brenville, I’m from England; I’m an artist and I keep an illustrated blog about my experiences in Spain called The Madrid Guiri (

1.    Why did you move abroad?
My girlfriend is Spanish, we lived for several years in London but Spain became more and more attractive – she missed her friends and, like most Brits probably, I’d always had a desire to live the “Mediterranean lifestyle” – but more specifically Madrid offered me everything I wanted – better weather, cheaper rents, great food, friendly people, and more social habits, while still being a busy, capital city full of life and things going on that I’d become used to from 13 years in London.


Da Italia a Houston: The Storm and the Rainbow

17 April, 2017 09:35  Erin Erin

Frederica Houston

Ciao! Mi chiamo Federica, in arte Pitu’ e sono toscana (pistoiese di nascita e fiorentina di adozione). Adesso vivo a Houston in Texas, USA.

1. Perché ti sei trasferito all'estero?
Mi sono trasferita 10 anni fa a Londra per lavoro. All’epoca cercavo solo di farmi un’esperienza all’estero di un anno a due, per poi tornare in Italia con un curriculum piu’ forte. Per una serie di fortunati e sfortunati eventi, non sono mai tornata in Italia. Tre anni fa, io e la mia famiglia ci siamo trasferiti qua a Houston.

2. Come ti guadagni da vivere?
Sono una ricercatrice sul cancro e lavoro a MD Anderson Cancer Center.            


From England to Ireland to Italy: Piemonte Dreams

10 April, 2017 09:41  Erin Erin

Piemonte Dreams Hi, I’m Clare. I moved from Dublin to Piemonte in Northern Italy. I have lived in 5 countries as an adult and am originally from England but certainly, at 42 and having left England at 23, I don’t feel very English, I also got my Irish citizenship last year and Irish passport so am officially Irish, which is a good thing with Brexit looming!  The longest place I have lived was the 14 years I spent in Dublin.  But because of my Dublin experience and all the opportunities it afforded me, particularly in the boom years, I have been able to fulfil my long-time dream of living in Italy.

1. Why did you move abroad?
Over the last 10 years, I, and my partner have been self-employed and have grown our own separate businesses, it was the realisation, three years ago, that with all the wonderful technology at our finger tips it is not actually necessary to live in one fixed place, we can work and service our clients from anywhere with a decent internet connection and similar time zone. So, we decided to bank as much money as possible, and saved hard, by barely going out for two years, to buy a small holding in Italy and we moved here full time in 2016.



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