From Canada to USA to Ireland: Gracefully Expat

28 August, 2017 09:00  Erin Erin

Gracefully Expat My name is Grace Taylor and I'm a serial expat who has recently become location independent. I'm originally from Canada, and so far I've lived long term in the US, South Africa, and Ireland. I decided to become location independent because there are simply too many places I love around the world!

1. Why did you move abroad?

I first moved away from my home country when I was a student, and I transferred from my university in Canada to one in the US. That turned into a job offer, and I lived in the US for several years. During that time, I went on a rotation to South Africa, which was a more typical, employer-sponsored expat experience. Then, in June 2016 I moved to Ireland, also for work, but that time as a local hire. Beginning in late 2017, I will be splitting my time between Vancouver, which is where I'm from and where my family live, Dublin, where some people who are very dear to me are based, and the rest of the world.


De la Belgique à Isan : Expatriation en Thaïlande

24 August, 2017 07:00  Expat Interviews Expat Interviews

Expatriation en Thaïlande

Bonjour à tous, je m'appelle Olivier. D'origine belge j'ai débuté mon expatriation en 1993, je venais juste de fêter mes 30 printemps.

Après 13 années passées dans la Caraïbe et plus précisément en Guadeloupe, j'ai repris mon baluchon pour entreprendre une nouvelle expatriation en Thaïlande, en privilégiant les régions préservées du tourisme de masse.

1. Pourquoi êtes-vous partis à l'étranger ?

Pas de diplôme, pas de qualification spécifique, rester sur le vieux continent c'était me condamner à une vie bridée par des règles et des lois peu adaptées aux "marginaux". J'ai travaillé des années dans des cafés et des bars, j'y ai croisé des milliers de personnes qui prétendaient qu'ils partiraient un jour et qui n'ont pourtant jamais quitté leur quotidien fait de projets qui ne verront jamais le jour, de promesses jamais tenues, de rêves avortés, d'illusions éphémères noyées dans leur trop plein de bières, de vin et de mauvais alcool. Je ne voulais pas rester comme eux, à échanger d'illusoires aventures sous d'autres cieux plus cléments. Un jour j'ai fait ma valise, pris un billet d'avion avec, dans ma poche, l'équivalent de 500 euros. Et voilà près d'un quart de siècle que mon aventure continue, que mon rêve se réalise au quotidien.


From Essex to Iowa: Between England and Iowa

21 August, 2017 08:22  Erin Erin

Kylie Iowa Hi! I’m Kylie, originally from Essex in the UK and now I live in Iowa, USA

1.    Why did you move abroad?
While travelling in Jamaica, I met an American guy.  We ended up getting married and one of us had to relocate as we were living in 2 different countries!

2.    How do you make a living?
I work in an elementary school as a teaching assistant in Pre-K.  It was the best option to give me the flexibility to return to the UK and visit my family, the summer break lasts for 11 weeks!


From Ireland to Portugal: Portugalist

14 August, 2017 07:46  Erin Erin

Lisbon james My name is James. I grew up in Ireland, although I’ve spent most of my adult life living in Scotland. I’m now based in Lisbon, Portugal’s wonderful capital city.   

1.    Why did you move abroad?
A few years ago, my partner and I decided that we’d like to work as freelancers rather than in-house at a company. I was also scratching a never-ending itch to travel, and so we decided to combine the two and become digital nomads: we would work abroad, anywhere as long as there was an internet connection.
We initially spent almost a year living and working remotely in France, before spending time living in Spain, Portugal, Germany, and travelling around South East Asia.

After a while, we felt the need to have a base. Two places really appealed: Lisbon and Berlin. We went back to both and spent some more time in both, but in the end Lisbon was the city that won us over.



De Lyon à Dalian (Chine) : Lorsque tout à coup

10 August, 2017 08:00  Expat Interviews Expat Interviews

Lorsque tout à coup - ElisaJe m’appelle Elisa, je suis Lyonnaise et j’habite à Dalian en Chine depuis mars. Tu ne connais surement pas alors pour te donner une idée, Dalian est à 1 heure en face de la Corée du Nord, sur une péninsule au nord-est de la Chine.

1. Pourquoi êtes-vous partis à l'étranger ?

Je me suis retrouvée à 11000 km de chez moi pour suivre mon mari qui a décroché un job à Dalian, dans le sport.


From Manchester to Melbourne: Half a World Away

07 August, 2017 08:59  Erin Erin

Half a world away melbourneI’m Katie, a travel blogger from Manchester, UK now living in Melbourne, Australia.

1.    Why did you move abroad?
I was desperate to go travelling but I knew I couldn’t travel forever so I decided to come to Australia to work and extend my trip. My trip to Barcelona in 2013 was my first hostel experience -  I had the best time and knew I needed to go on a big trip.

2.    How do you make a living?

I work in digital marketing as a Content Manager for a global media agency. I had a similar job back in the UK which made the transition across much easier.


From Switzerland to Boston: Going American

31 July, 2017 07:30  Erin Erin

Going AmericanI am Sandra, a Swiss expat now living in Boston. I am blogging about my every day adventures on

1.    Why did you move abroad?
Love made me do it!

2.    How do you make a living?
I’m currently looking for a job now that I’ve received my work permit and am all ready to go. In the meantime I am volunteering at Boston Cares and Harvard University, which is something I am really enjoying as I never got around to doing it back home.


From Calcutta to Paris: The Paris Feast

24 July, 2017 07:34  Erin Erin

Mitanti I am Mitanti, was born in Calcutta, more than seven thousand kilometers away from the city of lights, arrived here in Paris in 2010 and instantly fell in love with the eternal city.

Back then, I could hardly fry an egg. May be it was the Parisian air, or may be simply the French culinary culture, but along with Paris, I was soon attracted by the magic of cooking. Over the next few years I mastered my art of cooking, almost a self-taught cook together with numerous little advices that I received from the already-established-in-the-art chefs and even complete strangers that I happened to meet across France and Europe.

After having gathered ample know-hows on French and Indian food, and miscellaneous other tips on other cuisines of the world, I thought of sharing it through my webstie, The Paris Feast.

1.    Why did you move abroad?
I will be honest; I never really planned anything, I love it when life moves on as a giant ball of surprises.



From England to Portugal: It caught my Eye in Portugal

17 July, 2017 08:04  Erin Erin

BeckyB Portugal Hi, I am BeckyB of 'It caught my Eye in Portugal', and my husband and I are lucky enough to be able to spend the winter months in southern Portugal. The rest of year and for the occasional winter weekend we live in England.

1.    Why did you move abroad?
It all started as multiple and frequent short breaks in the winter months to escape the British grey skies, then a neighbour's extended (and still ongoing!) building project encouraged to extend those frequent breaks into a proper winter sojourn. And we've never looked back as a Portuguese life is so much more relaxed and healthy than a British one.

2.    How do you make a living?
We do not work in Portugal as we are far too busy birding, walking and photographing. Oh and going out for lunch too!! We do however have various work projects and commitments back in England, which is why we split our lives between the two countries.



From Russia to Pittsburgh to Frankfurt: Knorr Family Adventures

03 July, 2017 12:55  Erin Erin

Knorr Family Adventure Frankfurt My name is Maria.  Originally I was born and raised in Russia, but moved to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA as a teenager with my parents and my younger brother.  I definitely call Pittsburgh home.  Two years ago, my family (husband and 3 kids) moved to Frankfurt, Germany. 

1.    Why did you move abroad?
Even before my husband and I got married, we talked about living abroad since we both enjoy traveling.  After we got married, we started having kids and settling in our American suburban life (house, 2 cars including a minivan ´üŐ, etc.) thinking that a stint abroad would be nice but is somewhere in a very distant future.  Then, when our boys were 2, 5 and 7 respectively, a job opportunity for my husband came up in Frankfurt, Germany, and we decided to take it.



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