De Suisse à New York: D'une pomme a l'autre

28 March, 2013 09:23  Erin Erin

D'une pomme a l'autre Je m'appelle Clara, j'ai 35 ans, je suis franco suisse, maman d’un petit garçon, et j'habite "New York,  New York" depuis presque 5 ans, après avoir grandi à Paris et habité quelques années en Normandie.

1. Pourquoi êtes-vous partis à l'étranger ?
Mon mari a eu cette proposition, notre fils avait a peine 2 ans, et on s'est dit "pourquoi pas?"


From Calgary to Jamaica: Jamaica My Way

25 March, 2013 08:14  Erin Erin

jamaica my way I’m Kristi but will also answer to JamCan, Jammie, Krusty and my Jamaican name, Gangsta.  I’m a born and raised Canadian from Calgary, Alberta which is where I currently sit BUT have fled the frozen north more than once to live where my soul is - Jamaica.

1. Why did you move abroad?
Wouldn’t you move to the Caribbean if you were born into a land that provides 8 months of winter?  Truthfully though, I decided to try the move because I had been traveling to Jamaica for 8 years prior and basically adopted their slower paced, carefree lifestyle enough that I saw my corporate government career for what it was…..a trap.  High pay and a fancy pension are the carrots they dangle in front of your nose to keep you as a slave to your work life.  I had been going to Jamaica every 3-6 months for years so moving there was the next logical step.  The rat race was sucking the life out of me and I decided if I was always scared to leave I would die with a million regrets later in life.


From Italy to Los Angeles to Zurich: Globetrotting in Heels

21 March, 2013 09:29  Erin Erin

Elisa Globetrotting in Heels My name is Elisa, but I am also known online as @HipMom (my Twitter handle) and "The Unlikely Housewife", which was the original title of my blog. I was born and raised in Italy, but I have spent half of my life as an expat, starting with a move to Los Angeles at the age of 18, then Copenhagen, Denmark, then Zurich, Switzerland, then the NYC suburbs, and then back to Zurich, where I live with my husband and two daughters. I am a serial expat, a passionate traveler, and a serious nomad at heart :-)

1. Why did you move abroad?

I was born in a fairly small town in an island in the middle of Mediterranean. As beautiful as it was, it always felt claustrophobic, isolated, limiting. I knew from a very young age that I wanted to visit places, experience different cultures and just live somewhere I could spread my wings. When the chance to move to the other side of the planet presented itself several years earlier than planned, I knew it was kismet and there was no way would have missed that opportunity!


Da Roma alla Polinesia: Edilsognocontinua

18 March, 2013 09:10  Erin Erin

edilsognocontinua flowers Ho lavorato fino alla cinquantina come architetto, 'mère cèlibataire' di un ragazzo oramai uomo con una buona professione avviata. Dopo una vita ricca di responsabilita' ho felicemente perduto il lavoro (che era interessante e non avrei mai pensato di lasciare), un primo momento di disorientamento, poi mi sono indirizzata verso la mia grande passione: andare alla scoperta del mondo!

1. Perché ti sei trasferito all'estero?
Ho inizianto a viaggiare come  coordinatore di AVVENTURE NEL MONDO quando le cose non andavano bene al mio lavoro, poi i singoli viaggi non mi sono piu' bastati ed ho deciso di partire per un lungo periodo; il mio progetto prevedeva una prova di quasi un anno che ho raccontato nel mio primo blog, ero partita per trasferirmi a vivere in Nuova Caledonia, ho poi scoperto la dimensione itinerante che mi e' molto piaciuta, adesso giro, mi sposto da un'isola all'altra, da uno stato all'altro, seguendo il bel tempo e facendo attenzione ai miei ritmi personali.


From Shropshire to Munich: Arts in Munich

14 March, 2013 09:09  Erin Erin

arts in munich rachel I'm Rachel, originally from rural Shropshire in the UK, now living in Munich, Germany. I moved here in 2008, having just graduated in French and German at university.

1. Why did you move abroad?
I'd studied French and German at university, and spent my Erasmus year in Paris and Tübingen. While Paris is a beautiful city, it wasn't for me, and instead, I found myself having the time of my life in Tübingen. I met some fantastic people, the city's absolutely stunning and I spent my time reading by the river and partying with friends. My courses at university were in the history of cinema and creative writing – so I basically spent my time watching movies and writing poetry. Bliss. I knew that when I finished my degree, I wanted to move back to Germany, and applied for jobs everywhere in the country. The first company to say yes was in Munich – and I moved three weeks later.


From Kansas to New Zealand: My Views of New Zealand

11 March, 2013 09:51  Erin Erin

my views of new zealand family My name is Betty and I moved from Kansas in the US to New Zealand in 2006.

1. Why did you move abroad?

In 2003, I joined a forum board and became friends with a lot of people all over the world, including my (now) husband  who lived in NZ. After about 3 years of PMs, emails, IMs, Webcam-ing and telephone calls, I decided to take a chance for once in my live and move to New Zealand.  We got married in a boat off the coast of New Plymouth, Taranaki, in 2006 and had fish and chips on the beach for a reception.


From Washington, D.C. to San Salvador: La Vie Overseas

07 March, 2013 09:25  Erin Erin

natasha La Vie OverseasHola! I'm Natasha, a Washingtonian (DC) turned expatriate currently residing in San Salvador, El Salvador.

1. Why did you move abroad?
I’d like to say it was an impulsive decision made during another late night at the office in an effort to escape the corporate-ladder climb that was my life, when I spun a globe, closed my eyes and by chance placed my finger on El Salvador … after which I packed my bags, bought a plane ticket and arrived in my new home country. But that would all be a lie. In truth, I moved abroad because my husband is in the U.S. Foreign Service. He launched his career while we simultaneously began our life as a married couple. So I had lots of time to plan.


From Virginia to Logroño: Memoirs of a Young Adventuress

04 March, 2013 08:34  Erin Erin

Memoirs of a Young Adventuress Hi I’m Liz from Memoirs of a Young Adventuress. I am from a small town in Virginia but I have spent the past few years drinking red wine and eating tapas around Spain. Most recently, I called Logroño home, capital of the beautiful wine region of La Rioja in the north. Living amongst the vineyards and unchanged medieval villages, I truly felt at home in Spain for the first time.

1. Why did you move abroad?
Like many of my fellow classmates, the job market in the USA after graduation was abysmal. I spent a year in college studying in Salamanca, Spain, one of the best years of my life. Traveling around Europe and north Africa, I loved the lifestyle of an expat and I knew as soon as I was done with my studying, I wanted to go back. (More)


De Besançon à Philadelphie

28 February, 2013 10:24  Erin Erin

From Besancon to Philadelphia desert Je suis Alain, originaire de Franche Comté et expatrié un peu plus de 1000 jours sur la côte Est des Etats-Unis avec mon épouse Adeline entre 2008 et 2010. Nous vivons désormais à Besançon, en France, tout comme avant notre départ dans la banlieue de Philadelphie en janvier 2008.

1. Pourquoi êtes-vous partis à l'étranger ?

Une opportunité d'expatriation professionnelle m'a été présentée en juillet 2007. Nous avions alors 25 ans et aucune raison de ne pas tenter l'expérience, alors nous l'avons fait ! Avant de partir pour Philadelphie, nous n'avions jamais pris l'avion et peu voyagé hors de France. C'était un vrai plongeon dans l'inconnu, une aventure un peu folle.

Aujourd'hui, nous avons parcouru en avion une distance supérieure à 4 fois le tour du monde ! Ce grand départ a donc fait de nous des voyageurs accomplis !


From Manila to Amsterdam: Currystrumpet

25 February, 2013 09:06  Erin Erin

curry strumpet DeepaI’m Deepa, a freelance writer from Manila, now living in Amsterdam, and a first-time mama-to-be eagerly awaiting the arrival of our baby girl… just a few short weeks from now!

1. Why did you move abroad?
I got itchy feet after two years of living in Singapore, where my husband had been working for seven years. We didn’t really see it as the place where we wanted to raise a child and settle down. I also knew I wanted to get pregnant soon and I wanted some kind of last hurrah/big adventure before starting a family. Living in Europe was a lifelong dream and somehow, after many, many long conversations with my husband, I managed to get him on board and ready to take the plunge. We listed down places we’d like to live in, researched companies with offices in those places, and started sending out CVs. A couple of months later, a large Dutch multinational called my husband for an interview. Four months later, he accepted their job offer; three months after that, we were on a one-way flight to Amsterdam.


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