De la France à l'Angleterre, en Essex : Le jour où...

12 June, 2019 08:00  Expat Interviews Expat Interviews

Le jour où...Je m’appelle Fanny. Normande d’origine, je vis en Angleterre depuis septembre 2018.

1. Pourquoi êtes-vous partie à l'étranger ?

A la base, l’Angleterre n’était pas et n’est toujours pas le pays de mes rêves. Mon conjoint a postulé pour un travail dans à peu près le monde entier. C’est l’Essex qui l’a accepté. Il a tenté l’aventure seul pendant plusieurs mois. Comme cela lui plaisait, je suis venue voir et me suis laissée tenter pour m’y installer.


Von Deutschland nach Bulgarien: Bulgarien-Franz

03 June, 2019 10:20  Erin Erin

bulgarien auswandererHallo, ich bin Franz, Betreiber des Blogs

Meine Partnerin und ich leben noch in Deutschland und werden 2025 nach Bulgarien auswandern. Das steht fest!

1. Warum gehst du ins Ausland?
Unser Ziel ist es, den Lebensabend nicht im tristen Deutschland zu verbringen, sondern weg vom Perfektions-Streben, Schnelllebigkeit und zurück zu mehr Menschlichkeit, Natur und Freiheit und Stille. Wir wollen die letzten Jahre in unserem Leben noch genießen und Neues erleben. In Bulgarien konnten wir uns zudem unweit vom Meer bezahlbares Eigentum leisten, das wir bis zu unserer finalen Auswanderung in unseren Urlauben als Ferienhaus nutzen können :-)


De Rennes à Osaka au Japon: MycrazyJapan

29 May, 2019 08:00  Expat Interviews Expat Interviews

MycrazyJapanEmmanuel, originaire de Bretagne (Rennes !) et j'habite maintenant à Osaka, dans la région du Kansai

1. Pourquoi êtes-vous parti à l'étranger ?

Je suis parti au Japon avec l'objectif d'apprendre le japonais par moi-même et d'en apprendre plus sur la culture japonaise. Après avoir terminé mes études, je voulais voyager encore un peu avant d'entamer une vie professionnelle probablement peu intéressante en France !


From Italy to China to Malaysia: Monkeyrockworld

20 May, 2019 12:01  Erin Erin

Monkeyrockworld I'm Marco, from Voghera, a small town near Milan in northern Italy. I have been living in China in 2007, and on Penang island, Malaysia, for the past decade. I have, more or less, sustained myself as a freelance writer ever since.

1.    Why did you move abroad?
I couldn't stand living in Italy anymore. It was 2007, Berlusconi was in power, the job crisis about to start, and the brain drain in full swing. At that time, I had been playing in a punk hardcore band, the Nerds, for 10 years, touring as far as the United States and the farthest reaches of Europe.

I tried making it as a musician or a music producer, attempted a move to the United States, failed, and went back to Italy to work at a friend's bar for one umpteenth summer. In that time, serving coffees and lattes made me really think and focus of what I truly wanted to do, which was to live a full and adventurous life. I came to the conclusion that the only real skill I had was being able to speak several foreign languages, and looked into teaching English abroad as a possibility and a learning experience.

I found a job in China as Italian teacher just a couple of weeks later. Everything seemed too easy, serendipitous and irresistible to say no, so I embarked on a real adventure, without any knowledge of the Chinese language, nor any real interest in Asia. After ten years, a move to Penang in Malaysia, and having visited over 60 countries in the process, I think it was the best decision I could ever make.



Des Vosges à Kuala Lumpur en Malaisie: Tribu des pieds nus

13 May, 2019 12:49  Expat Interviews Expat Interviews

Tribu des pieds nus - latribudespiedsnus.comBonjour, Je m’appelle Philippine. Je suis Maman d’une petite tribu de 2 enfants : Camille 6 ans et Charlie 4 ans. Nous avons déménagé des Vosges en France pour venir s’installer à Kuala Lumpur en Malaisie en Septembre 2018.

1. Pourquoi êtes-vous partie à l'étranger ?

Mon conjoint a toujours été attiré par l’Asie du sud Est, nous y allions régulièrement pour les vacances. Jusqu’au jour où il est tombé sur une offre d’emploi sur un groupe Facebook pour la Malaisie. Il est venu faire un essai pendant 1 mois et on a ensuite pris la décision de partir en famille !


From Germany to Mexico, Australia...and back to Germany: Germanymore

06 May, 2019 11:44  Erin Erin

Germany more I’m Dominik, coming from Germany and now living in Frankfurt/Main after having lived for quite some time abroad.

1.    Why did you move abroad?
Due to work I have lived in different countries (e.g. Mexico, Australia, UK and El Salvador). Now I’m back in Germany and try to help foreigners living in Germany to make their live easier.

2.    How do you make a living ?
I work in the aviation industry as a Director for Supply Chain Management. Previously I was working as a Project Manager for Business Development also in the aviation industry and had the chance to see and live in many countries as we have customers all across the globe.



From Spain to Suzhou: Marta Lives in China

22 April, 2019 09:57  Erin Erin

Marta Lives in China I am Marta, I come from a small city in the west of Spain and I currently live in Suzhou, China.

1.    Why did you move abroad?
The first time I came to China I wanted to improve my Mandarin. I studied at a couple of universities in Beijing for 3 years thanks to scholarships. I went back to Spain but after a year my company sent me to Suzhou, where they had a factory. I was very happy to come back to China!

2.    How do you make a living?
I graduated in Translation and I currently work localizing and testing mobile games for a game publishing company. I have been doing this for a year and a half and I love my job! Previously I worked as an executive assistant for a Spanish plastic manufacturing company (that was the company who relocated me to Suzhou).


From the USA to the Netherlands back to the USA: Clogs and Hotdogs

08 April, 2019 07:59  Erin Erin

Clogs and hot dogs I’m Tiffany and I moved from the U.S. to the Netherlands and then back to the U.S. Our blog is Clogs and Hotdogs: An AmeriDutch Family Takes on the World.

1. Why did you move abroad?
My husband is Dutch and was living in the Netherlands at the time. He already owned a home and his career was location-dependent at the time, so it made more sense for me to make the move

2. How do you make a living?
My degree is in theatre and I had spent a number of years teaching, so I decided to combine the two and teach an after school program at various international schools throughout the Netherlands. I started Little Broadway in 2009. After my daughter was born a few years later, I switched to freelance writing as a way to stay home with her. I wrote for publications in the Netherlands and abroad. I continue to make my living as a writer to this day.


From the USA to Budapest: Travels With Myself

25 March, 2019 09:18  Erin Erin

Travels With Myself  Gary Budapest“Call me Ishmael.”

I always wanted to say that. OK, my name is Gary Lukatch. During my first life of 56 years in the USA, I lived in eight states, from Wisconsin to California, from Georgia to Nevada. So when people ask me where I’m from, I don’t know what to tell them; I suppose I’m really from anywhere and everywhere.

Anyway, I lived the life people of my generation were taught we were supposed to live: university, white-collar job, marriage, children, nice house, two-car garage, chicken in every pot, etc, etc, etc., ad infinitum, ad nauseum. And it was a good life overall. Like Jimmy Buffet says, “Some of it’s magic and some of it’s tragic, but I had a good life all the way.” But too often it seemed there was something missing. I found out what was missing was Budapest, Hungary, where I’ve lived since 1999.

1.    Why did you move abroad?  
As an avid reader all my life, I always wanted to visit the places in the world that I read about.  I wanted to ride a camel up to the pyramids, watch the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace, see the Taj Mahal at sunrise. The itch was always there.

Plus, I watched my country during the 1990s gather speed toward becoming a place where I didn’t want to live any longer. The writing on the wall seemed obvious to me (and BOY, have those prophecies come true!).



From the UK to Oman: Tony Walsh

11 March, 2019 07:31  Erin Erin

Tony Walsh Hi – I’m Tony, one of millions of Tony’s from around the world. I was born in west London, England,  and that city was the focus of my life until I moved to work in Oman. I lived in Muscat, Oman, and lived there and in Saudi Arabia and the UAE for three decades.

1.    Why did you move abroad?     
It was a natural step from working in England where, though I had a good job, I felt restricted in how I could develop the business; I guess I was a candidate for being self-employed but didn’t know it.

2.    How did you make a living?
Like many people who have become an ExPat, I have done a variety of jobs. Initially, I worked in the same business as I had done in England, retail. I managed BHS (British Home Stores – similar to JC Penny in the USA) in Saudi and private retail business in Oman.

I then took the plunge and set up my own business in Oman, again in retail where I had a perfume and cosmetics importer, wholesaler and retailer. Along with perfumes I also managed the Disney store franchise ‘Disney Corner’ until Disney closed all their franchises in the Middle East. Operating a ‘bricks and mortar’ store meant that I was impacted by all the changes in Oman’s economy, one year it shrank by 20% due to oil price drops.



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