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From the USA to Nicaragua: Rewired and Retired in Nicaragua

20 May, 2013 09:01  Erin Erin

Rewired and Retired in Nicaragua couple Hola. My nickname is Gypsytoes, but you can call me Debbie. My husband, Ron, and I live on a tropical island in Nicaragua. We are originally from the Pittsburgh, PA area. However, most of our adult life we have been transplanted Southerners.

1. Why did you move abroad?
We moved frequently while living in the states. Our last major move in the states was from an isolated hollow in the Ozark Mountains to the storytelling capital of the world...mainly so we could have pizza delivered. During one of the storytelling festivals in Jonesborough, TN, we became fascinated and a little obsessed with moving abroad and gathering new stories for our lives. One cold winter day, I received an email from a friend in Nicaragua. He offered us a job managing a small youth hostel on Ometepe Island. We sold our cars, quit our secure teaching jobs, gave away all our winter clothes, and left our house and our aging dog with our son and JUMPED!


De Galicia a Río de Janeiro: Fran Viajando

06 May, 2013 10:05  Erin Erin

fran viajando Hola a tod@s, mi nombre es Francisco Pérez, español de 26 años, y desde hace casi dos años estoy viviendo en Río de Janeiro, Brasil.

1. ¿Por qué se fue al extranjero?
El principal motivo por el que hoy estoy aquí es mi novia. Ella es brasileña y nos conocimos en Alemania, donde estuve una temporada viviendo por motivos de estudios. Una vez llegado el momento de plantearse una residencia, Brasil ganó todos los puntos por tener mejor campo de trabajo en nuestra área, sobretodo en estos momentos de crisis en Europa.


Di Piemonte a San Paolo: Brasil-Italia - dois coraçoes e uma historia

08 April, 2013 10:35  Erin Erin

Brasil-Italia portrait Ciao a tutti. Mi chiamo Franco, sono italiano, piemontese, ma vivo in Brasile.

1. Perché ti sei trasferito all'estero?
Per amore! Ho conosciuto mia moglie, brasiliana, tramite internet. Dopo 5 ani di fidanzamento “virtuale” ci siamo sposati e lei è venuta a vivere in Italia, ma non si è abituata alle enormi differenze culturali, climatiche e altro. Quindi abbiamo deciso che era meglio andare io a vivere in Brasile con lei.


From Washington, D.C. to San Salvador: La Vie Overseas

07 March, 2013 09:25  Erin Erin

natasha La Vie OverseasHola! I'm Natasha, a Washingtonian (DC) turned expatriate currently residing in San Salvador, El Salvador.

1. Why did you move abroad?
I’d like to say it was an impulsive decision made during another late night at the office in an effort to escape the corporate-ladder climb that was my life, when I spun a globe, closed my eyes and by chance placed my finger on El Salvador … after which I packed my bags, bought a plane ticket and arrived in my new home country. But that would all be a lie. In truth, I moved abroad because my husband is in the U.S. Foreign Service. He launched his career while we simultaneously began our life as a married couple. So I had lots of time to plan.


From Philadelphia to Argentina: Seashells and Sunflowers

10 January, 2013 09:24  Erin Erin

seashells and sunflowers katie My name is Katie Metz, and I’m a yanqui (Argentine slang for an American) from Philadelphia living in Necochea, Argentina.  I’ve called this small seaside city home for the last four years.

1. Why did you move abroad?
I met my Argentine boyfriend (now husband) Daniel six years ago. After maintaining a long-distance romance for two and half years, we finally decided that for the benefit of our relationship, one of us would need to make the leap into the unknown. For personal reasons, we decided that it would be easier for me to move to Argentina than for Daniel to move to the United States, particularly since he’s involved in his family’s business. I moved to Necochea, a coastal city of 68,000 inhabitants in the province of Buenos Aires, back in March 2009.


From California to Chile: Memoirs of a Gringa

17 December, 2012 08:20  Erin Erin

memoirs of a gringa My name is Maggie and I’m originally from a small city outside of San Francisco, California. I moved to an even smaller city in Rhode Island after high school. After graduating from college the first time I fell into a rut. I didn’t quite know what to do with my life (it probably didn’t help that I had a degree in anthropology). I decided to go back to school and get my Master’s in education with the plan of moving abroad as soon as I graduated.

1. Why did you move abroad?
I knew for quite a long time that I wanted to live abroad. It wasn’t hard for me to choose a location. My mom is Chilean and grew up in Santiago. The majority of my family lives in Chile so it just seemed like a logical choice.


From Idaho to Buenos Aires: My Beautiful Air

25 October, 2012 13:31  Erin Erin

My Beautiful Air profile My name is Vivi Rathbon.  I was born and raised in Boise, Idaho and now I live in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  

1. Why did you move abroad?

I studied abroad in college and loved having a first hand view of a different culture, city and language.  When I graduated college, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do.  At the time I had friends who were moving abroad to China to teach English.  I thought that was a great idea.  China didn’t appeal to me, but I was very curious about South America.


De España a Uruguay: Construyendo el mundo!!

16 July, 2012 09:44  Erin Erin

Construyendo el mundo

No me hace mucha gracia dar mi nombre por internet, aunque no es ningún secreto así que vamos a dejarlo en Andaluz. Soy de Sevilla, una ciudad situada en Andalucía, al sur de España y actualmente vivo en Montevideo, capital del Uruguay.

1. ¿Por qué se fue al extranjero?
Estaba quemado, no se muy bien como explicarlo pero necesitaba irme. Primero pensé en Europa, pero hasta eso se me antojaba cerca… al final opté por América.


From London to São Paulo: The Book is on the Table

14 June, 2012 09:25  Erin Erin

book is on the table brazil Hi, I'm Andy and I'm originally from London, UK where I worked as a social worker. In February 2012 I moved to São Paulo, Brazil with my wife and I'm blogging about adjusting to life here. I'm getting used to it. Gradually....

1. Why did you move abroad?
It was a move that we had planned for while. I met my wife (who is from São Paulo) when I first went travelling around South America in 2007/08 and then she moved to the UK in 2009. However, she deferred her degree to do so and I always promised that we'd come back eventually so she could finish it.

Then, in February my job finished due to government cuts in the UK and it seemed the right time to go,  especially as the the Brazilian university term starts in February. It all worked out quite nicely in the end!


From Salt Lake City to São Paulo: Keeping Up With the Joneses

26 March, 2012 10:51  Erin Erin

keeping up with the joneses Oi! I’m Maike Jones (pronounced My-ka), an American expat living in São Paulo, Brazil. Originally from Salt Lake City, Utah, I spent my childhood and young adulthood in the scenic mountains of the western United States. My husband, son and I then moved to Boston, Massachusetts for two years, after which we made the big leap to São Paulo in July 2011.

1. Why did you move abroad?
My husband Porter, also a native Utahn, lived in Brazil for two years in his early-twenties. After completing our graduate and doctorate degrees in the United States, Porter pursued career opportunities fusing his MD/MBA and knowledge of Brazil and accepted a position with the #1 private hospital in South America. After working in politics for five years, I traded in the boardroom for the playground to be a stay-at-home parent, so my exhausting yet rewarding job goes where I go. However as a lifelong travel enthusiast, I was thrilled at the opportunity to raise our young family in an exotic land far away, so long as our accommodations included both running water and electricity.



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