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From the USA to Mexico: Escaping Abroad

14 July, 2014 09:54  Erin Erin

Escaping Abroad I’m James and I’m leaving the ‘American dream’ in my rear view to set out and explore the world we all live on but rarely see much of! I share my love for new travel adventures, scuba diving, wildlife encounters and discovering new cultures with blog posts, photos and videos at

1. Why did you move abroad?
Since before I can remember I always wanted to explore other cultures and travel to far away places. But after college I found myself sitting in an office all day working. I was caught up in the materialism that surrounds us and couldn't afford to do the things I really wanted. So I gave it all up and left to seek a different lifestyle.


From Ireland to England to the USA: Have Goslings, Must Travel

10 February, 2014 09:54  Erin Erin

Have Goslings must travel My name is Clare, I am nearly 32 years old.  I was born in Northern Ireland, but moved to England when I was 7, and lived there till 2012.  I met my husband in France in 2001, we married in 2004.  Oliver was born 2006, Isaac came along in 2008 and we finished off with Sebastian in 2011.  We have been living in South Carolina since September 2012.

1. Why did you move abroad?
My husband works in the automotive industry.  In 2011 he was asked if he would be interested in an international assignment.  Sebastian was 3 months old at the time, so we had to say no.  A year later they asked him again.  We were interested, depending on location.  They gave us 3 locations, and we decided on South Carolina.


De Paris à Santa Cruz: Far West Coast

09 December, 2013 11:34  Erin Erin

Far West Coast Bonjour à tous ! Je m'appelle Laura. Je suis originaire de Paris et je vis depuis plus de 9 mois en Californie, à Santa Cruz, pas loin de San Francisco.

1. Pourquoi êtes-vous partis à l'étranger ?
Mon copain a trouvé un boulot dans la Baie de Monterey, alors je suis partie avec lui. C'était une super opportunité pour nous d'aller vivre ailleurs, de voir autre chose. On avait l'envie et la chance de pouvoir le faire, donc on est parti.


From the UK to the USA: The Move to America

21 November, 2013 09:56  Erin Erin

We have followed Molly in her quest to join her American husband and become an expat in America. She has recently settled in Ohio and is continuing to share her tips on life abroad the first Wenesday of every month. 

My reason for moving molly move to america My name is Molly and I am originally from the UK and I am currently living in Ohio, USA.

1. Why did you move abroad?
I moved to America because my husband is a U.S. citizen and after careful consideration, we decided we would have a better standard of living here in Ohio.


From the Philippines to Canada: Lost In The Leaf City

07 November, 2013 09:46  Erin Erin

Calgary Tower Lost In The Leaf City My name is Carolyn. It is a name my mother thought of when she was filled with awe longing for Christmas, a season halfway of the year I was named, officially. That’s the story I would like to believe, yet to be confirmed. I am from the tropical country of Philippines where I spent my almost entire existence including the grueling period of deciding whether I want to go overseas with Canada as the prime prospect.

1. Why did you move abroad?
Often people travel right after college before immersing themselves to the real world. I did the latter. Over the years the thought of leaving overseas and going back to college linger in my mind.


From USA to Korea to Amsterdam to the USA: The Nomad Cooks

04 November, 2013 09:36  Erin Erin

The Nomad Cooks Hey There!  I’m ‘The Nomad’.  I began my blog in my childhood bedroom a few days before moving to Daegu, South Korea to begin my life as an Expat.  Since my two-year stint in Korea, I’ve lived in Amsterdam, India and Bulgaria and am currently back in my bedroom re-integrating in American society.

1. Why did you move abroad?  
As a freshman in University, I started dreaming of going aboard.  Unable to choose one location, I decided to study abroad on Semester at Sea.   I was able to visit 10 countries in one semester and get a scholarship to help fund my travels (and courses)!  It was an easy decision.


From London to Indiana: Lost in the Pond

11 July, 2013 09:50  Erin Erin

Laurence_headshot lost in the pond Laurence Brown moved from London to Indiana in 2008 and, as of April 2013, is working and residing in Indianapolis, Indiana.

1. Why did you move abroad?
Ironically, I moved to The United States amid the 2008 recession to seek out work. I had just been laid off from a lucrative position in West London at a time when my wife and I were trying to save enough money to secure her English visa. Switching our plan on its head, we carefully opted to use what was a sizeable redundancy package to buy a couple of one-way tickets to Indiana. We’ve lived here ever since.




From the UK to Manhattan: New Girl in New York

06 June, 2013 09:16  Erin Erin

New Girl New York centeral park My blog name is New Girl in New York and I am from the UK, but now I live in Manhattan, New York.  

1. Why did you move abroad?
My husband was relocated here by his company.

2. How do you make a living?

I am not working at the moment, but I volunteer at an after-school program two days a week and volunteer with New York Cares on a regular basis.  I have also just started writing for an online newspaper, the New York Daily Sun and am a 'local expert' on the 'Romio' website.  


From Ontario to Sacremento: Melanie a la maison

30 May, 2013 08:52  Erin Erin

Melanie a la maison portrait Hello! My name is Melanie. I’m a French Canadian born and raised in Quebec City, Canada. I left my hometown for Milton, Ontario in 2010 and I’m now living in the Sacramento area since 2012. I started a French only blog in 2010 called “De visu” to document our journey and started my bilingual blog “Melanie a la maison” in 2011.

1. Why did you move abroad?
My husband and I traveled quite a bit together and at one point, we knew we would love to experience a professional life abroad. Both our professions are ‘international’; my husband is an engineer and me an industrial designer. That being said, we were not bohemian enough to sell our stuff and just leave. My husband moved up the corporate ladder and built his experience having in mind a company transfer. But things didn’t go as planned and so in 2010 he got a job in the Greater Toronto Area. At that point, our second son was only 4 week-old and my older son only spoke French.


From Germany to Tennessee: Southeast Schnitzel

13 May, 2013 08:08  Erin Erin

Southeast Schnitzel christian My name is Christian Höferle (alternative spelling: Hoeferle).

I  was born and raised in Weilheim, Germany - a small town of ~21,000 people, 30 miles south of the Bavarian capitol, Munich. Weilheim is located in the Southeast of Germany.

Since July 2004, my family and I live in Cleveland, TN - another small town of ~40,000 people, 30 miles north of Chattanooga. Cleveland is located in the Southeast of the United States.

People in Bavaria/Germany and Tennessee understand when I tell them that "I'm a Southeasterner in both countries & cultures."    

1. Why did you move abroad?
In simple terms: To see if it works - the life abroad. In 2003, my wife, our then 2-year-old daughter and I were living in Munich when we sensed that we were ripe for a change in our lives. Back then my wife was a stay-at-home mom (by choice) who was getting ready to launch her next project, a Montessori school. At the same time, I was in the process of leaving my employer of seven years and I explored a job offer for a leadership position in Berlin.


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