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02 January, 2014 09:42  Erin Erin

Expat Interviews Badge Welcome to 2014! We are excited to start a new year at BlogExpat with even more expat blogs and interview. Currently, we have:

Plus we have over 230 Expat Interviews from around the world in 5 languages (English, Deutsch, Español, Français & Italiano)!



More from BlogExpat in 2013

01 January, 2013 00:01  Erin Erin

StarBlogExpat wishes you a very Happy New Year!Star

Once again it is that time of year to look at the accomplishments of the last year and look ahead to sharing more expat stories and experiences in 2013.

Features of BlogExpat

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BlogExpat offers an extensive directory of blogs from around the world help you connect with topics and people of interest. Find blogs by location, category, or date submitted and vote for your favorite blogs. You can find entries in English, Deutsch, Españo, Français, and Italiano. It is from our directory that we draw our expat interviews, twitter round-up, and articles so register your expat or travel blog now.



Interview with Expat author - Jack Scott

14 May, 2012 10:00  Erin Erin

Jack Scott Jack Scott completed one of our first Expat Interviews, "From London to Bodrum: Perking the Pansies and Surviving the Expats in Turkey". Since that time, his blog of life in Turkey has grown tremendously. He translated his success into a memoir of his expat adventures and spoke with us about the difficulties of taking an expat blog to a book.




Expat Interviews' 1 Year Anniversary!

23 March, 2012 11:13  Erin Erin

Hand with a microphone from the monitor © Vladimir Voronin - Fotolia Today marks 1 year since we launched BlogExpat Interviews. We've learned lessons from every corner of the world, both unique to the place the stories come from, and identifiable among expats everywhere.

A year of interviews has covered:



BlogExpat Wishes You a Happy 2012!

01 January, 2012 00:00  Erin Erin

StarWe wish you a very Happy New Year!Star

It is time for BlogExpat to reflect on a successful 2011 with exciting additions to the site for 2012.



Welcome to Blog Expat Interviews!

21 March, 2011 09:21  Erin Erin

Hand with a microphone from the monitor © Vladimir Voronin - FotoliaThe expat experience makes for a great story of adventure, drama and surprise. While each expat’s story is unique, we can all learn valuable lessons from each other’s experience.

BlogExpat interviews offers expats a standard format in which they can be as funny, informative, and/or honest as they want about life as an expat. Interviews with expats in the UK, Italy, Russia, Cuba, Holland, Turkey, the United States, Cambodia, and more offers a view into their amazing lives. Questions about how they earn a living, myths about their adopted country, and favorite things about being abroad provide an intimate look at expat life. Each of our interviewees also has an expat blog in which you can hear more about their successes, and occasional failures.

These stories serve as inspiration, advice, and entertainment for expats, travelers, and people who want to hear more about the world. We appreciate their expertise and look forward to sharing their experience with the world. Enjoy the interviews & best of luck in your own adventures as an expat.