From Chicago to London: Escapist Atlas

26 October, 2015 11:48  Erin Erin

Escapist Artist My name is Jeremy and I’m originally from Chicago, Illinois. Currently I live in London with my fiancé. We both moved about a year ago and have been exploring and getting to know the city and country
ever since.

1. Why did you move abroad?
I've wanted to live abroad since I was around 19 and did a study abroad program.  It sounds cliche, but it really developed my interest for travel and exploration.  After graduating from college and working in Chicago for a while, I saw that some companies opened up opportunities to move people internally all over the world.  I knew that I wanted to do that.


From the USA to Canada to the Netherlands: Diary of an Urban Housewife

12 October, 2015 11:09  Erin Erin

urban housewife amsterdam Hi! I’m Kate, an American expat currently living in Amsterdam, Netherlands. We are fairly nomadic as we have moved around quite a bit having lived in 8 different cities in the U.S. before moving to Vancouver, B.C. in Canada to give the whole “expat” thing a try, once we realized we liked it we knew Europe was next!

1. Why did you move abroad?
We moved abroad for my husbands work. He is a video game producer (every little boys dream haha) , so when one project ends we usually move, well when his project ended in Canada I said I would only move again if we went to had always been my dream to live in Europe and get the opportunity to show our daughter Europe.



From Arizona to Dublin: Desert to Dublin

05 October, 2015 10:52  Erin Erin

desert to Dublin I am Megan of Desert to Dublin and my family of five (seven, if counting the labradoodles) has recently relocated from Tucson, Arizona, USA, to Dublin, Ireland.

1. Why did you move abroad?
Our decision to move abroad was prompted by a need for a lifestyle change.  Roughly a year ago the travel demands my husband was facing at work had become overwhelming for all.  We reflected on a time and place where we’d been happier as a family and concluded our time spent in Melbourne, Australia, as expats nearly a decade ago, had been our ideal arrangement.  After arriving at this realization, my husband began applying for a variety of phd programs, and though domestic programs were also explored, it was ultimately UC Dublin that most caught our attention.  After all options were presented and discussed as a family (children included), we determined Dublin was the right path for us.  



From UK to Kuwait to Greece: Olive, Feta and Ouzo

14 September, 2015 08:01  Erin Erin

Amanda SettleHi, I’m Amanda Settle. A British expat, a bit of a nomad we’ve lived in Kuwait, Dubai, Qatar and are now in a small village on the Greek island of Rhodes. Living with my husband and our rescue animals: 1 cat from Dubai, 2 cats from Qatar and dog we’ve rescued here.

1. Why did you move abroad?
I left the UK for work and a better life. I was teaching in London, the money was barely enough to live on and I didn’t have time to actually have a life. There was no respect for my profession by the students, parents, management of the school system or society as a whole.

I’d always wanted to travel more and decided to just go for it. I had no idea when I got on the plane to Kuwait what it would be like and if I’d be on the next flight home. 9 years on and I’m hooked.



From Australia to Austria: Austrian Adaptation

24 August, 2015 10:39  Erin Erin

Austrian Adaptation My name is Carly Hulls, I’m an Aussie former tour guide now Blogger & Brand Ambassador living in Vienna, Austria.

1. Why did you move abroad?
Initially to work as a tour guide around Europe for an Australian tour company, then I met an Austrian guy in an apres ski bar…we all know how those stories end! 5 years later I’m still kicking around Europe and love living with him in Vienna.


From New Zealand to Australia to Finland: Hey Helsinki

10 August, 2015 08:07  Erin Erin

hey helsinki Hi, my name is Mel. I’m a New Zealander who lived in Sydney, Australia for 11 years before relocating with my husband and son to Helsinki, Finland. Sydney had its coldest two days in a row in 20 years this week, with a forecast of 13 degrees Celsius. In Finland we now call that a warm spring day and are out eating ice cream!

1. Why did you move abroad?
My husband is a games artist and Finland is the place to be right now in terms of great opportunities in the industry. When he got a job here we knew we had to come, although it was a fairly tough decision given it’s a 26-hour flight from home.  


From Pakistan to Germany: A Pakistani in the Bundesrepublik

03 August, 2015 08:07  Erin Erin

A Pakistani In the Bundesrepublik My name’s Kamran and I come from Karachi, Pakistan. Karachi is a huuuuge city of about 20 million people and growing and is Pakistan’s largest. From Karachi, I have moved to a tiny town in Germany with a population of 50,000. It’s located on the Rhineland and is near(ish) to Düsseldorf. It’s the sort of city which abruptly ends and gives way to the countryside where there are more cows than people.

1. Why did you move abroad?
I moved abroad to study. Actually, Germany wasn’t even on my list of countries to apply for my Masters degree. It just happened by accident. I call it the best accident ever.



From Rome to Dublin: Love isn't for everyone

27 July, 2015 08:38  Erin Erin

love isn't for everyone rome in dublin My name is Aurora. People normally call me either Au or Rory. I come from Rome, currently I live in Dublin, Ireland.

1. Why did you move abroad?
When I was 23 I moved to Barcelona for a while and I found there a great place to live in! But I had to go back to Italy to complete my bachelor’s degree.

Then I decided to move abroad again and to learn a different language, English! For this reason I picked Ireland and after 7 years I still enjoy living here


From Mexico to Germany: Life in German

13 July, 2015 09:55  Erin Erin

Life in German Hello, my name is Diana. I was born in Mexico and I moved to Germany with my husband and daughter a month after getting my bachelors degree in 2012.

1. Why did you move abroad?
My husband, Pablo,  received a scholarship to do his masters in Germany, and instead of him coming alone we accompanied him on this new adventure.


From Germany to Iceland: Sky as a Kite (Tine's Blog)

08 June, 2015 09:35  Erin Erin

sky as a kite My name is Christina also known as Tine, Efia or Efiabruni because I’m a Russian spy posing as an indecisive German. I first moved abroad after finishing high school in Germany, as I needed some time to figure out what I wanted to do. I volunteered for a year in Iceland and found myself returning again and again until I gave up and admitted this is my home now.

I’m currently trying to juggle my day job with political activism, opening a micro bakery, hacking around on my blog script and life in Reykjavík/Iceland in general.   

1. Why did you move abroad?
I really wanted to see Iceland, but did not have the money to come as a tourist, so I volunteered with the European Volunteer Service, which is one of the few organisations, which does not make you pay to work (but pays below minimum wage anyway).

Living abroad for a year changed my mindset and it never occurred to me to limit myself to Germany after this experience. I studied physiotherapy in Amsterdam, a city I loved to live in, yet grew restless enough to do one of my internships in Ghana and be an exchange student in Iceland for half a year. Though mainly based in Iceland I have also lived in China and Chile and traveled extensively.



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