De Belgique à Madrid: Madrid & CO

05 July, 2012 09:23  Erin Erin

madrid co Je m'appelle Marie, je suis belge et je suis arrivée à Madrid par le biais classique du programme d'échange Erasmus. Ensuite, après quelques allers-retours entre la Belgique et l'Espagne, j'ai décidé de m'installer à Madrid et cela fait 5 ans maintenant.

1. Pourquoi êtes-vous partis à l'étranger ?
(cfr. réponse ci-dessous. Grâce à l'échange Erasmus lors de ma licence en tourisme.)

2. Comment vivez-vous?
Je travaille depuis 4 ans dans une entreprise distributrice de montres de luxe. Je suis arrivée il y a 5 ans sans emploi. J'ai commencé au Real Madrid et j'ai fait quelques petits boulots avant de trouver mon poste actuel. En parallèle, j'ai crée il y a un an mon site Madrid&Co où je réunis ma passion pour la photographie et le tourisme. Un véritable carnet de voyage où je partage mon expérience d'expatriée et l'envie de faire découvrir Madrid et la culture espagnole d'une manière différente. (More)


From America to England: The Salad Days

28 June, 2012 12:04  Erin Erin

salad days family My name is Sarah – wife to Jake, mama to Maren – and I am the writer of the salad days blog. We had moved around America quite a bit but recently made our biggest move yet by moving from Tampa, Florida to Oxford, England.

1. Why did you move abroad?
My husband, Jake, is a medical doctor in residency and was offered the chance to study Applied Mathematics at the University of Oxford. We had always wanted to live overseas so we happily jumped at the chance to have a big adventure for our little family.


Di Sicilianu in Monaco di Baviera: Wanesia

21 June, 2012 09:12  Erin Erin

wanesia Salve,il mio nome e´ Wanesia  sono siciliana  e vivo da quasi 4 anni a Monaco di Baviera

1. Perché ti sei trasferita all'estero?
Approdo in Germania per seguire il mio uomo.Ho conosciuto Phelipe nel 2008 e dopo un anno di incontri a meta´ strada, ho deciso di espatriare.

2.Come ti guadagni da vivere?
Finalmente dopo corsi di tedesco e un semestre di integrazione al lavoro, mando molti curriculum e mi viene offerta una giornata di prova. In effetti ne avevo fatti tanti,ma ero esigente per quanto riguardava il lavoro che volevo. Ho fatto studi artistici,ma ho sempre bazzicato nel mondo della gastronomia. Ho un corso di sommelier alle spalle e una specializzazione in finger food. Ho trovato il posto che volevo e lavorare mi entusiasma molto. Diciamo che sono stata fortunata.



From the UK to Portugal: Julie Dawn Fox

18 June, 2012 10:02  Erin Erin

julie dawn fox Hi, I’m Julie, originally from the UK but I’ve been living abroad for 10 years so I consider myself to be a serial expat. I’ve put down roots in Portugal and have been living here since 2007. I came here wanting to settle down and it wasn’t long before I had a husband, a dog and a house in the country so it’s all worked out quite well for me so far.

1. Why did you move abroad?
I developed a serious case of wanderlust during a 16-month backpacking trip in my late 20s. When I got back to the grey skies and expensive, irregular public transport services of the UK, I decided I needed to find a sunnier place to live. I hate being cold, getting up in the dark and sacrificing my days to long winter nights so I’ve never regretted leaving the UK.


From Toronto to Berlin: Cheryl Howard

11 June, 2012 09:59  Erin Erin

cheryl howard 1. Why did you move abroad?
I took a 9 month sabbatical from work and spent my time being lazy and travelling. After visiting Europe twice, I fell in love with the continent (not a guy) and knew I wanted to move abroad.

Within months of my second visit, I sold almost everything I owned, quit my job and left behind my family and friends in Toronto, Canada. If you want to know the entire story about why I moved to Berlin, you can read all about it on my blog.

My love for Berlin and Europe has blossomed in the year since I've been here. I'm so fully committed to my new “relationship” that I recently applied for a long term work permit to stay  for another 2 whole years.


From Seattle to Prague: The Europhile

28 May, 2012 10:17  Erin Erin

Bailey Alexander Europhile

My name is Bailey Alexander and I'm originally from Seattle. Since sailing across the Atlantic I’ve lived in Rome, Paris, Malta, Geneva, Amsterdam and now Prague; it’s been quite the nomadic life, it’s been a trip, eternally grateful for the opportunity.

1. Why did you move abroad?
I married a European while still living in Seattle and we bought a sailboat. Perhaps fate was in play as it made sense to sail across the pond, so we did. We packed our belongings and shipped them separately then set sail with my husband and two little papillons aboard our Nauticat 43. It proved to be a magical, slightly scary and very memorably voyage.


From California to Helsinki: A Scandinavian Interlude

17 May, 2012 10:21  Erin Erin

scandinavian interlude Reindeer Mark from San Francisco, CA, USA and currently live in Helsinki, Finland.

1. Why did you move abroad?  
I moved abroad with my Finnish wife and 2 children.  We wanted to try a change of lifestyle and wanted the children to learn Finnish.

2. How do you make a living?  
I recently got a job working for a Finnish start-up company called  Scoopshot specializes in “crowdsourcing” both photos and videos for media consumption.  It has been a very nice experience working in a Finnish company.  I am learning different cultures and working with many creative individuals and we are all working toward a common goal.  They have been very friendly to me so far and they have embraced international folks now at their Finnish company.


From Tennessee to Germany: I Must Be Off!

03 May, 2012 09:26  Erin Erin

i must be off Hey, BlogExpat! Thanks for asking me to do this interview. I’m Christopher Allen, the guy behind the mask on the expat, gluten-free, photo-literary, so-you’ll-know-where-my-hands-have-been travelogue I Must Be Off! I'm from Tennessee but moved to Germany with my dog, Bodie, in 1995.

1. Why did you move abroad?
In German “für die grosse Liebe”. I guess love takes a lot of people on wild goose chases around the world. The “big” love I found in 1995 lasted about six months, but I’ve been in my present relationship for almost 14 years now. And of course I love Munich and London, the two cities where I split my time. But is this why I moved abroad? I think the deeper reason I moved was that I wanted an adventure. Seventeen years later, I’m still not done with it.



From the Netherlands to Moldova: Life in the Expat Lane

22 March, 2012 11:30  Erin Erin

KarenvanderZee life in the expat laneI am Miss Footloose, aka Karen van der Zee. I hail from the Netherlands and have lived in a number of foreign countries. Right now I live in Moldova, Eastern Europe.

1. Why did you move abroad?
Even as a child I was eager to see more of the world than cows, cheese and bicycles. I wanted to travel and see mountains! Palm trees! Wild animals! My first expat experience was as a foreign exchange student in the USA where I spent a year living with a family and going to high school. I saw mountains, but no palm trees and no wild animals beyond squirrels and such. (Even the boys behaved, with me).

Later I met my American husband-to-be in Amsterdam and the year after I followed him to Kenya, where I saw palm trees and wild animals, and where we got married in a bizarre 10 minute ceremony in which my not-yet-husband was instructed in the art of having two wives. Fortunately,so far no second wife.

This was only the beginning of my expat life. My husband is a development economist and after his Peace Corps time in Kenya, his career has taken us to Ghana (where we had our first child), Indonesia, Palestine, Ghana (again), Armenia, and now Moldova. I am what is often referred to as a “trailing spouse,” which my mate finds an insulting term, since he considers me “part of the team.” (More)


From Arizona to France: Vino Vagabonds

15 March, 2012 10:15  Erin Erin

vino vagabonds Hello, we are Jeff and Brittany, aka Vinovagabonds, and we both met in Arizona while going to school. Our love of wine quickly grew so we moved to Napa Valley and were ultimately led to the South of France where we are absorbing everything we can about the life, culture, food, etc.

1. Why did you move abroad?
We have been travelling the world of wine in order to get in touch with the places and faces behind the wine being made outside the United States. We came up with the idea after working in the wine industry in Napa Valley. The amount that we learned during our time in Northern California was something that inspired us to do the same with other well-known wine regions. We started in South America, sipping Tannat in Uruguay and ultimately Malbec and Torrontes in Mendoza. Provence in the South of France was a natural progression from there. (More)


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