From Sydney to Nice: The Riviera Grapevine

30 January, 2014 10:49  Erin Erin

The Riviera Grapevine Hi! I’m Chrissie, a girl from Sydney’s Northern Beaches who has traded one beautiful stretch of coastline for another. I’ve been living in Nice, in the South of France, for 7 years.

1. Why did you move abroad?
I always wanted to go off and see the world when I finished university (typical Aussie!), so backpack and one way ticket in hand, the first place I landed was Nice to visit my sister. I found an apartment and job within the first week, thought I’d stay 6 months over summer, and never left.


From the UK to Germany to Parma back to the UK: Alex and Italy

20 January, 2014 11:48  Erin Erin

Alex and Italy Hi, I’m Alex. I’m 25 and have been lucky enough to spend 2012 in Czech Republic and Germany, and most of 2013 living, working and eating in Parma, Italy. Parma was a beautiful city and a wonderful time, and I miss Italy every day! I’m currently back in the UK making plans to explore life in a new country; I hope to move to Paris in the Spring. Here’s what I found of my time in Parma:

1. Why did you move abroad?
I’d always wanted to try living abroad at some point in my life. I wanted to try new experiences and meet different people, and see what life was like outside of the UK. I’d spent years dreaming about it and gazing at pictures of different countries online from behind my desk, but I just got stuck in a rut. Then one day, something just snapped and I went from looking at pictures to booking a flight!


From Belgium to Ireland: Ireland, Multiple Sclerosis & Me

16 January, 2014 09:16  Erin Erin

billie ireland Born in Flanders, Belgium with a really Dutch first name - Willeke - it always stuck in people’s minds as a little bit odd. From childhood, friends therefore had many nicknames for me. When one day our English teacher said he would call me William, the male name from which my female first name is also derived, it soon became Billie. I am glad to say that I’ve been called Billie (with –IE, to indicate I am female) for many years now, and an identity crisis was averted! In 2002 I moved to Ireland and I still happily live here, and still carry the nickname I grew up with.

1. Why did you move abroad?
Ireland’s history, culture and literature always captivated me when growing up. I read and savoured many travel guides and books on Irish culture, as well as the likes of William Butler Yeats, James Joyce etc. When one day my library employment contract could not be renewed, and after going through a painful break-up, I knew the time had come to move to Ireland to start the life I had been dreaming of for a very long time.


From California to the Netherlands: AMSTERDAMP

30 December, 2013 09:25  Erin Erin

amsterdamp No, I'm not blonde, far from it.  Nevertheless, I am from California and have spent most of my life on the beach and drinking smoothies and recycling and driving around in my convertible and basically doing all the things that you think people in California do.

Somewhere in between studying photography and working in the games industry, I met my partner at my front door (Harrison House (HH) ).  We finished school in California and  have been living in Amsterdam and Sausalito together ever since.

1. Why did you move abroad?
For love, of course.  I met my husband in California where he was doing a year of study abroad.  He invited me to come live with him in Amsterdam when I graduated from art school.  I had already been to Holland and loved it.  I knew I wanted to live in Amsterdam someday, but I had gone home to finish school, so when he asked me it was perfect and I said YES!


From South Africa to Spain: Cheap in Madrid

26 December, 2013 11:57  Erin Erin

Cheap in MadridSarah, I'm South African and have been living in Madrid for more than  years now.

1. Why did you move abroad?

I moved to Madrid because of work. I had just graduated from university when a German company with offices in Madrid recruited me.


De la Franche-Comté à l'Allemagne: Berlin, la Bière et le Rock

23 December, 2013 09:47  Erin Erin

Berlin, la Biere et le Rock  Je suis Nat, je suis française d’origine, j’ai eu 30 ans cette année et j’habite depuis maintenant plus de 6 ans à Berlin en Allemagne.
1. Pourquoi êtes-vous partis à l'étranger ?
Bonne question! Après avoir grandi en Franche-Comté et après mes études supérieures en Alsace, il faut bien dire que j’en avais assez de l’Est de la France et que j’avais envie de voir un peu plus de paysages « exotiques ». C’est pourquoi je suis d’abord parti quelques mois dans le Sud de l’Espagne avant de venir m’installer à Berlin en 2007. Ok la capitale allemande est loin d’être sous les tropiques mais au final c’est la ville la plus à « l’ouest » (ohohoh jeu de mots) du pays.


From the USA to Bydgoszcz: Never a Dull Day in Poland

19 December, 2013 10:06  Erin Erin

Never a dull day in poland I have been married to a guy named Jim for the last 20 years who has moved us to 5 different countries in 9 different houses.

1. Why did you move abroad?
My husband retired from US Air Force and got a new job that brought us to here in December 2011.


From Poland to the Netherlands: European Mama

12 December, 2013 12:42  Erin Erin

European MamaMy name is Olga. I am Polish, my husband is German and we live in the Netherlands.

1. Why did you move abroad?
I followed my husband- but we weren’t married yet. We met in Germany, and I came back to Poland but then he went to Canada and I followed. He then came back to Germany and I followed. We now live in the Netherlands where he was offered a job.  


From the USA to Holland: Rachel's Ruminations

25 November, 2013 09:31  Erin Erin

Rachel's Ruminations Rachel Heller, from the US, living in Holland. (For any Dutch pedants reading this: yes, I know that the part of the Netherlands I live in is not part of either province that has “Holland” in its name, but, really, do you have to make an issue of it?)

1. Why did you move abroad?

Anyone who knows me knows that I have always been a completely unsentimental person. I can only explain it by saying it was an aberration: I just couldn’t imagine myself living anywhere my husband, Albert, wasn’t. He wanted to be back in Holland after four years in Africa and eight years in the US, so I went along. So it’s his fault!


De Barcelona a Holanda: La Zapatilla

18 November, 2013 09:36  Erin Erin

la zapatilla sonia Hola a tod@s, me llamo Sonia, soy de Barcelona y hace más de cuatro años que vivo en Holanda.

1. ¿Por qué se fue al extranjero?
Me encanta viajar y conocer otros países. Antes de mudarme a Holanda había vivido cinco meses en Irlanda trabajando de au pair, conocía muchos expatriados en Barcelona y pensé que era un buen momento para vivir la experiencia en mis propias carnes. Después de mucho pensarlo, me pareció que Ámsterdam era la ciudad ideal. Cosmopolita, a dos horas de vuelo, donde se puede trabajar hablando inglés y con la oportunidad añadida de conocer otro idioma y otra cultura.


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