From Germany to Barcelona: iTravel4life

28 November, 2016 09:48  Erin Erin

iTravel4life Hi, I'm Ina. As a traveller at heart and expat since 2000, I have lived and worked in seven different countries. My nomad lifestyle has now led me to Barcelona in Spain.
1. Why did you move abroad?
I have always wanted to travel for as long as I can remember. At some point, one month trips weren't long enough anymore and I found ways to stay longer to get to know places and mentalities better. For example I went on an Erasmus exchange program to study abroad in France, and then I wrote my thesis for a company in Liechtenstein. Later on I decided to work in the U.K., Germany, France and Ireland. I have also used a work & travel visa for my stay in Australia and I moved to Spain to live with my boyfriend. Once you start, it becomes difficult to go back home. I'd rather want to explore another new country!


From South Africa to Germany: Middle Europe

21 November, 2016 08:09  Erin Erin

Middle Europe Hallo! I’m Natalie from South Africa, currently living in Berlin with my Czech husband.

1. Why did you move abroad?

I’m a scientist and all the academics kept telling me that to progress in my career I should go and work overseas for a bit, because international experience is supposed to be important for your CV. I chose a position in a good lab in Germany, and only intended to stay two years, but time flies and now I’ve been here almost four years (and met and married a Czech guy in the meanwhile!). My husband is a software developer and Berlin has a really big startup community, which is why he came to work here. His home in the Czech Republic is only 5 hours away by car, so we go there for the weekend every one or two months.


From New Zealand to Malaysia and Beyond: Tiki Touring Kiwi

14 November, 2016 10:33  Erin Erin

Tiki Touring Kiwi Hi, I'm Jub from Waikanae, New Zealand. I'm currently in Ipoh, Malaysia for some time before hitting the road again. In the last three years, the longest I've spent in one city is Vancouver, Canada where I was for six months at the start of the travels.

1.    Why did you move abroad?
After graduation university in Wellington, it felt like everyone was moving to Australia as a rite of passage. So I followed. After a couple of years there I've been living and travelling around the world, working in various ways to keep myself fed.


From Finland to UK to Canada to Ireland: Terra Incognita

07 November, 2016 09:47  Erin Erin

Terra Incognita I’m Melissa, a 25-year old Finnish serial migrant hopping from one adventure to another. The past three years I lived in the UK and Canada, and now I call Dublin, Ireland my home.

1. Why did you move abroad?
I originally moved to United Kingdom in the hopes of getting more independent, internationally experienced and, bluntly speaking, away from Finland. However, events took a weird turn when I fell in love with a Canadian on the way - not a part of my plan, really! Starting and maintaining a life with a non-EU citizen has asked for intense compromising and adjusting. Eventually I followed him to Canada, then he accompanied me back to
Europe, to Ireland this time. None of this was actually planned - I was supposed to spend 8 months in the UK, return to Finland and continue my life there. A few years later I find myself in Dublin, still a little baffled, but definitely more independent and internationally experienced!


From Australia to Taipei: Typing to Taipei

31 October, 2016 10:07  Erin Erin

Typing to Taipei Hi everyone! My name is Monica and I’m an Aussie expat who now lives in Taipei, Taiwan. I moved here early last year, so now I’ve been here around one and a half years. I run a website called TypingToTaipei.com, a one-stop Taipei guide for events, travel, art, design and lifestyle.
1.    Why did you move abroad?
My first stint as an expat was in 2012, when I moved to Oita, in Kyushu, Japan to be an English language teacher on the JET program. I stayed there for two years and it was one of the most enriching experiences of my life. However, it was during this time that I started to question whether I really wanted to become a full-time primary school teacher when I returned back to Australia.

As I am sure a lot of expats will empathize with, being abroad made me reassess a lot of things in my life, and essentially, what I wanted from it. In the middle of trying to work out what I wanted to do next, I took a quick trip to Taiwan. It sounds almost too whimsical, but I honestly felt something so special about this country that I couldn’t shake even weeks later. I didn’t have any other concrete plans, so I thought I could try to find an opportunity to deepen my understanding of Taiwan. After some research, I found out that I could study here as a Mandarin language student, and even get a scholarship to support me financially. It all seemed to fit together because not only did I already love studying languages, I wanted more than anything to keep exploring the world. I guess I’m quite an erratic person because I moved half a year later, and here I still am!



From Grenada to the UK to Peru: Pelican Tales

24 October, 2016 09:37  Erin Erin

Pelican TalesI'm Danielle, 30 years old, and from the small island of Grenada in the Caribbean. After 12 years living in the UK (Manchester and London), I now call Lima, Peru home.

1. Why did you move abroad?
I first moved away from home to the UK to study. I went to the University of Manchester and then lived in London working in the charity and NGO sector. I've always wanted to travel to South America, but didn't know how to make it happen. Then out of the blue my finance's company offered him a transfer to Lima, so we decided to make the move for a new adventure.


From NYC to Geneva: Natural Girl, Unnatural World

10 October, 2016 08:23  Erin Erin

Natural Girl, Unnatural World My name is Ashleigh Anderfuhren.  I’m a 31-year-old newlywed and first-time traveler from New York City, living in Geneva, Switzerland for 15 months.  I also recently added ‘Blogger’ and ‘CELTA Certified English Teacher’ to my resume.

1. Why did you move abroad?
I always had a strong desire to travel, but before I had the chance to satisfy that desire, I decided to move abroad to be with my husband.  At the time, only love could have made me move to a country I’d never been to before.2.



From Portugal to the Netherlands: Amsterdive

03 October, 2016 08:30  Erin Erin

Ana Martin in Amsterdam I’m Ana V. Martins, a Portuguese actress (and all-around creative) who moved from Lisbon to Amsterdam, almost 5 years ago.

1. Why did you move abroad?
I guess the migrant gene was always in my blood, really. Since I know myself I felt Portugal was not my place, I felt an urge to explore other geographies, so my initial plan was to work here and there, experience life in different countries, before I settled.

My next stop would be Berlin. But I fell in love with Amsterdam so I thought ‘why look further?’. I had found my home. Unlike most people I didn’t choose my current home for work reasons. I prioritized other sorts of affinities. Personally, feeling identified and comfortable with the place I live in, is the most important of all.


From South Africa to Ireland: The Thompsons Excellent Adventure

26 September, 2016 07:57  Erin Erin

Dublin Thompsons My name is Garreth Thompson I hail from South Africa, Johannesburg more specifically. I now live with my wife and three kids in a small sea side village called Bettystown in County Meath, Ireland.

1.    Why did you move abroad?
At its most basic we were looking for a more stable upbringing for our children. But at the same time it’s more than that. As a human race we don’t favor change very much, there is a whole world out there ready to be explored but we tie ourselves down to a place and a job and live our lives out never really experiencing anything else. So this is our way of having an adventure and exploring the world around us. Will be here forever? I think not!!  but for the moment we are happy and settled. There is still far too much to see and do here.



From Canada to the Czech Republic: Beyond Prague

19 September, 2016 07:30  Erin Erin

Kevan czech republic My name is Kevan, I'm orignally from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Since 2004, I have been living and working in Brno, Czech Republic.

1.    Why did you move abroad?
Partly romantic reasons, partly career change and partly just to get some fresh perspectives on life.

2.    How do you make a living?
I work as an English teacher. Generally, I enjoy it and the constant opportunities it brings to meet new people.



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