From Israel to China: Being in Awe

10 March, 2014 09:12  Erin Erin

Being in Awe We are Gadi and Tun, midlife run-aways from Israel, and we live now in Xian China. We describe our adventures on and inspire readers to travel the world.

1. Why did you move abroad?
We've always liked to travel and examined almost every corner in Israel, visited several countries in Europe, once visited North America, and three times China. Like almost all the people we spend a lot of time to study and work.

Gadi - programmer and worked for five years in a startup, created a company with his friends from zero and they succeeded by considerable efforts of 10 hours a day.

Tun - physicians specialized in children's diseases, often working in the hospital for 26-27 hours.


De Avignon à Hong Kong: Rentrera-t-elle au bout d'un mois ?

20 February, 2014 09:38  Erin Erin

Rentrera-t-elle au bout d'un moisJe m'appelle Marie, je suis d'Avignon, et après avoir vécu six mois en Nouvelle-Zélande et près d'un an en Indonésie, mon mari et moi venons de nous installer à Hong Kong. Passionnée d'art et de tout ce qui touche au voyage, je partage mes découvertes au fil des jours sur mon blog Rentrera-t-elle au bout d'un mois ? depuis maintenant plus de deux ans.

1. Pourquoi êtes-vous partis à l'étranger ?
La première fois, pour l'aventure. La seconde fois, pour raisons professionnelles. Et pour la troisième, ajoutez l'amour de l'expatriation à l'opportunité professionnelle de mon mari...


From France to Mumbai: Indian Samourai

06 February, 2014 09:58  Erin Erin

This talented blogger presents her interview in both English & French! Read her English interview first, with the French interview below.

Indian Samourai IndianSamourai, I am French and I live in Mumbai, India

1. Why did you move abroad?
When I finished my business school in France, I was quite clueless about what to do with my life and what profession to choose. So I considered the entire vast world and any kind of job (almost) as an option… It just made the search more complicated as on every search engine you have to choose criteria.

So on one hand I looked for a job in consulting – and I must say I went to the first interviews without a clue of what we were talking about. It took a recruiter (God bless him) to tell me I wouldn’t be happy in SAP consulting to actually find out what it was and run away! But back then it seemed to me like a field with a lot of options and most business school students were applying for it. And on the other hand I registered for a programme organized by the French government to encourage companies to send young active people abroad. So I just had to select countries (mostly in South America as I had traveled there and had a lot of friends), see the jobs offered and apply. Problem was, there were not so many offers…


From Los Angeles to South Korea: Seoul Tapper

06 January, 2014 08:51  Erin Erin

seoul trapper My birth name would be Danielle, but I tend to respond to any variation of Dani, Schaeff, D, Jew… that is being shouted in my direction. I’m an angel from that city in Southern California, who now calls Seoul, South Korea my second home, and I love to document all the weird, the beautiful and the cute I witness along the way. I’m also a tap dancer, that’s where the tapper in seoultapper comes from!

1. Why did you move abroad?
Ever since my family took our first overseas trip to Paris when I was in 4th grade, I’ve always wanted to live in another country. I was in love with the massive statues that stood in the middle of major streets, and the culture that I was able to sink in through my young eyes.



From Halifax to Seoul: The Asian Persuasion

05 December, 2013 09:00  Erin Erin

seoul asian persuasion My name is Michael Johnstone. I’m from Halifax, Nova Scotia, which is a small, sleepy city on the eastern coast of Canada. I’m currently living in Seoul, South Korea. What started out as a one-year break from western life has now turned into three, and counting. I’m addicted to Asia.

1. Why did you move abroad?
I remember watching a television documentary about English teachers in Japan and thinking that it was something I wanted to do. As I did more research, I ended up pretty close; Korea offers a lot for those who want to teach. Competitive wages and free housing are hard to argue with!


From the Philippines to Singapore: Pink and Mints

02 December, 2013 10:37  Erin Erin

Singapore pink mintsHey there!  My name is Ays, I’m from the Philippines and I’ve been living and working in Singapore for more than seven years. My blog is called Pink and Mints, named after two of my favorite things in the world. I write about my experiences here in the Lion City, my hobbies, and other things close to my heart.

1. Why did you move abroad?
Back in 2005, there was a huge demand for people skilled in this particular software, so there was a wave of personnel leaving my previous employer, most of them going to Singapore. I was contacted by a headhunter, and I thought long and hard about this big move. The pros outweighed the cons, so I packed my bags, left the Philippines and moved to the Lion City in February 2006.


From the Netherlands to the UK to Kazakhstan: Ersatz Expat

14 November, 2013 09:27  Erin Erin

Ersatz Expat snow I am a 30 something global soul, a perpetual expat. I was born in the Netherlands to a Dutch/Irish Family. Since then I have lived in Norway, Nigeria, Turkey, Venezuela. I went to school and university in the UK and settled there for some years, married an English man and had very normal English life for a while.

Then we decided to have an adventure and took our children and the dog to live in Kazakhstan. Life as a 21st century expat is very different to my life as a child; we have mobile telephones, the internet and skype so the world is a much smaller place, but some things remain the same. There are things you cannot buy away from home, normal everyday things you suddenly hanker for or cultural expectations that lead to strange situations. This blog is about how we muddle through daily life as expats in Astana and how things have changed from the adventures of my childhood.


De France (Savoie) au Japon puis Hong Kong: Voyagista

28 October, 2013 09:46  Erin Erin

voyagista Fushimi Inari Kyoto japan

Je m’appelle Amélie, je suis originaire de Savoie que j’ai quitté pour aller vivre au Japon où je suis restée 7 ans et où j’ai rencontré mon mari néo-zélandais. Nous habitons désormais depuis 3 ans à Hong Kong et avons deux garçons. Mon blog s’intitule Voyagista, c’est un blog de voyage avec beaucoup d’articles sur l’Asie mais aussi sur nos escapades dans le reste du monde. Je partage avec vous mes bonnes adresses, mes expériences, mes itinéraires et mes belles photos.

1. Pourquoi êtes-vous partis à l'étranger ?
Je suis partie travailler au Japon dans le cadre d’un VIE (Volontariat International) par envie de partir à l’aventure et découvrir le monde. La durée du contrat était de 18 mois mais j’y suis restée!


From Italy to the Philippines: Filippine - ora vivo qui!

14 October, 2013 10:55  Erin Erin

This talented Blogger presented his interview in both English & Italian! Read the English interview first with the Italian interview below.

Filippine  ora vivo qui Hi, my name is Davide, I am 57 years old, born and lived in EmiliaRomagna ( Italy ) and by the end of 2012 I live in a Philippine island with my wife and my son.

1. Why did you move abroad?

When you come to a decision like this normally, the reasons are more than one but if I have to choose the main identify it is the total lack of confidence in the future of our country.


From Britain to Kazakhstan: Diplomatic Dog

10 October, 2013 10:16  Erin Erin

Diplomatic Dog 2 Scruffy Nellie, living in Kazakhstan’s capital of Astana – found on the street by my British diplomatic family.

1. Why did you move abroad?

My owners move every 2-3 years, from one posting to another, so Astana is one in a long line of homes for them.



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