From India to the Ivory Coast: Piyushidhir

01 August, 2016 10:13  Erin Erin

Piyushi Namaste everyone! I am Piyushi Dhir, a young Indian traveler, author and blogger, currently residing in the exotic West African country of Ivory Coast.

1.    Why did you move abroad?
My husband and I started our married life in New Delhi, India, each of us employed in glittery corporate jobs. We were, however, getting restless with the tedium of a 9 to 5 and seeking something new and exciting. So when my husband got a job offer in Ivory Coast, Africa, we thought, “What the hell, let’s give it a shot!” I did realize however, that the move would entail me giving up my career in Human Resources management. Ivory Coast has limited opportunities, and it is a Francophone country. But I decided to use the opportunity to try my hands at an alternate career that had only been a dream so far- writing.



From Norway to Spain to Egypt: Femieshe

25 July, 2016 09:42  Erin Erin

Femieshe My name is Kristine and I was born in Norway but grew up in Spain. I currently live in Cairo, Egypt. I blog about my dream life with prince charming in a not so charming country!

1. Why did you move abroad?

My whole life ive been living abroad, never fit in anywhere... except when I came to Egypt for the first time on holiday. It was love at first sight. I instantly felt at home even though I didn't speak the language or even know anyone. I knew this is where I wanted to live forever.

Then I came back and did a year at univeristy here. I had to leave to finish my degree in other countries, Spain and Scotland and then I came back the last few months of my degree to do an internship. It was this time that I met my prince charming. We had a long-distance relationship for 3 years until I finally had the chance to move back for good. My whole life is a bit messy and confusing, just like Egypt!



From the USA to Uganda: ChelseaToSea

21 March, 2016 08:29  Erin Erin

ChelseaToSeaMy name is Chelsea, I am from the US and I now live in Kampala, Uganda.

1. Why did you move abroad?
I work in international public health (epidemiology) and have been following the cool diseases around the world for 5 years.  I am now living in Uganda and working on malaria prevention and to increase access to vaccines.

2. How do you make a living?
I work with NGOs who focus on disease prevention.  Right now my research project is in Northern Uganda.  I make the bumpy and dusty 10 hour journey from Kampala to the North about once a month.


From Portugal to Angola: Couple RTW

18 January, 2016 12:41  Erin Erin

couple rtw We are Jorge and Cláudia, Portuguese living in Luanda.

1.    Why did you move abroad?
Jorge had a job opportunity of working abroad for his company. It seemed like a fantastic adventure, opportunity to live in another country and to visit this side of the world. Cláudia came a year after, when she found a job in Luanda.

2.    How do you make a living?
Jorge is a financial controller, he was sent to the Angolan branch of his company, he works in logistics and transportation business. Cláudia is a physiotherapist, she come looking for a job,  sending her CV and doing interviews after 6 months she was contacted by a clinic and started working.



From Boston to Cape Town: An American in Cape Town

22 June, 2015 10:54  Erin Erin

American in Cape Town I’m Amy, and I’m an American most recently from Boston, living in Cape Town, South Africa with my husband, Chas.

1. Why did you move abroad?

My husband is a Postdoctoral researcher at M.I.T. in the U.S. We’ve always wanted to live in another country, so when the opportunity came up to continue his research at the University of Cape Town, we jumped at the chance to move abroad.


From the USA to Tanzania: From Tanzania with Love

08 September, 2014 11:01  Erin Erin

From Tanzania with Love Meet Michael and Ashley Leen, residents of east africa, americans by birth, co-bloggers on from tanzania with love.

1. Why did you move abroad?
We moved abroad because we wanted to take the jump and try living in a developing country. We had opportunities to volunteer in parts of Africa and Central America when we were in college, which gave us the first taste of living and working with poor and marginalized communities internationally. Through those experiences, we learned so much about ourselves and the effects culture has that we knew we wanted to do it again, but this time, for the long-term.


From NYC to Cape Town: The South AfriKhan

18 August, 2014 07:15  Erin Erin

Sarah Khan My name is Sarah Khan, and ever since I moved from New York to Cape Town, South Africa, I've given myself an alter ego: The South AfriKhan.  

1. Why did you move abroad?
It's pretty cliché at this point, but who cares — I came to South Africa on vacation, fell in love with Cape Town and with a guy here (in that order), then married him and moved here a year later.


From the USA to China to Tanzania: Peeps From Abroad

24 October, 2013 08:01  Erin Erin

 Peeps From AbroadI'm Jessie Bryson. Starting in college, a lot of friends gave me the nickname Jessbo, or J-Bone (oddly, this was before any part of my name had any B or O in it....still haven't figured out why!). Hence my blog address, I grew up in the U.S., in Northern California, and spent some time in Los Angeles and New York before moving abroad to Guangzhou, China in 2010. I was back in the states for a bit in 2013 (Washington, DC) and as of summer 2013 I call Dar es Salaam, Tanzania home.


From Puerto Rico to Egypt: Caribbean Girl in Cairo

05 August, 2013 08:55  Erin Erin

caribbean girl in cairoHi! I am Caribbean girl and I was born and lived almost all my life in the small island of Puerto Rico. I am currently living in Cairo, Egypt.

1. Why did you move abroad?
Sometimes I am still surprised that I am living in Egypt. I moved because, well, it is very funny actually but really cheesy too! I fell in love with a local and pretty much my fate was sealed after that. I never imagined that Egypt was going to be my new home. The decision was not easy because I didn’t have a job offer and I was leaving everything to go to this new country, it made it even harder. Not to mention all the differences in culture, religion and customs. Being the crazy and adventurous person that I am I made the decision and I moved. I have not regretted my decision. Is been the best experience ever! (More)


From Australia to Ghana: Six Degrees North

03 June, 2013 14:16  Erin Erin

six degrees north family My name is Chrissie, and I’m the wife to Bill and mum to three great children; Cecily (11), Lillian (9) and Jock (6). We moved from Newcastle, Australia to Ghana. While Bill has been in Ghana for over 2 years, the children and I moved here January 2012. For the first year here, we lived on a mine site in a town about an hour and a half drive from Kumasi; the second city of Ghana. Since January this year, the children and I live in Kumasi during the week for school, and see Bill on the weekends.

1. Why did you move abroad?
My husband and I are both geologists and we had lived and worked in Canada before our children were born; and we had always been interested in living in Africa but the opportunity never arose. Fast forward several years later; with 3 children including a daughter fast approaching high school; we knew it was a now or never moment. Bill left his job working for the government and went back to industry. The job was a fly-in/fly-out job; first in Zimbabwe and then Ghana. It was a bit of a risk, as we were basically hoping his employer would agree to an expat position. Luckily they did. Fifteen months after Bill arrived in Ghana, we moved. Why Africa in particular, I’m not actually sure. I guess it gave us a feeling of great opportunity, to see a very different culture and standard of living; both of which we thought invaluable for our children to experience too. I think a lot of people feel an intangible attraction to Africa, it carries some pretty idealized notions. And Ghana we knew was a very stable, English speaking country. But nothing really can prepare you for living here.


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