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From Boston to Roatan: AWalk on the Run From Boston to Roatan: AWalk on the Run

Erin Erin  Date 20 October, 2014 09:30

AWalk on the Run Hi everyone! My name is Amanda, which is a fairly common name so growing up I was often called varieties of my last name: Walkins. AWalk was one of the more popular ones, and that’s why I named my blog AWalk on the Run.

I grew up outside of Boston, MA, and lived in the Virginia/Washington, DC, area for about 7 years before making the move to my current home of Roatan, Honduras. Roatan is the largest of the Bay Islands, a series of Caribbean islands off the East coast of Honduras. Basically I live in paradise. And, no, I have never for even one millisecond missed the snow!

1. Why did you move abroad?
I moved to Roatan inadvertently. I was taking a 6-week backpacking trip through Honduras and Guatemala at the end of 2012. I stopped in Roatan for a few days of relaxation at the beach, which sets the scene for why I never left. My first full day in Roatan, as I lounged with a new friend in the sand only steps from the gorgeous shades of Caribbean blue water, some handsome guy stopped to chat with us. Within the 5 days I was supposed to be in Roatan he managed to sweep me off my feet enough to never leave. (I still haven’t been to Guatemala!)


From the UK to Singapore: Singapore Tales From the UK to Singapore: Singapore Tales

Erin Erin  Date 13 October, 2014 09:59

singapore tales Hi im Bridget, a 40 something wife and mother from the UK, I have been living in Singapore since March 2013.

1. Why did you move abroad?

Hubby got offered the opportunity to work in Singapore and with the kids now grown up it was the perfect time in our lives to make the move. Any how with various children either not moving out and one or another appearing on the doorstep, it didn’t look like they were all going to leave home at the same time, so us parents had to “leave home”.


From Australia to the USA: It Started in LA From Australia to the USA: It Started in LA

Erin Erin  Date 06 October, 2014 10:27

It Started in LA Hi, I’m Gwen and I’m from Sydney, Australia and have been in LA for about a year.

1. Why did you move abroad?
My husband was offered a job in Hollywood. I don’t think I know anyone who turns down a job in Hollywood so here we are.


From Maryland to Bergen: An American in Norway From Maryland to Bergen: An American in Norway

Erin Erin  Date 29 September, 2014 08:47

An American in Norway Wife, empty-nester mom, daughter, sister, aunt ... student, teacher ... friend ... freelance musician, web designer, and virtual assistant ... pet devotee ... traveler, expat ... volunteer ... hooked on historical fiction and advice columns ... never too far away from my Spotify and iPod playlists ...

I'm Cindi, a fifty-six year old American in Norway. I've lived in nine States in the U.S., but consider Maryland my U.S. home; I lived there for fifteen years before moving to Norway.

All those hats I wear, and where I've lived in this world, come together and affect my writing in my blog at

1. Why did you move abroad?
My Norwegian husband had a company in the U.S. when we first met. When his work took him back to Norway, I joined him in 2007.


From Switzerland to Germany: Funky Wellies Random Thoughts From Switzerland to Germany: Funky Wellies Random Thoughts

Erin Erin  Date 22 September, 2014 08:35

Funky Wellies Random Thoughts My blogger name is Katia Funkywellies. I come from Switzerland and moved to the South of Germany five years ago.

1. Why did you move abroad?

For two reasons: Love and a need for challenges.

2. How do you make a living?
I am mostly working on my first novel. Blogging has brought me some opportunities and I am also a freelance writer and MarCom consultant. I have 15 years of experience in marketing and communication.


From Romania to Poland: The Home Of The Twisted Red LadyBug From Romania to Poland: The Home Of The Twisted Red LadyBug

Erin Erin  Date 15 September, 2014 09:06

Home of the Twisted Red Ladybug A LadyBug who is an Expat, Travel Lover, Photo Maniac - Living in Magical Krakow - Born and Raised in The Vampire Land but not afraid of Garlic ;)

1. Why did you move abroad?
Well this is quite a long story so get a warm blanket and some hot tea ;) Kidding aside, here is the short version: I was working in Romania (in Iasi) in a corporation that had one of its main branches in Poland (in Krakow). The Team Leader from Krakow proposed I would come and give it a try. I said that I would do it for 6 months and then travel further on - I had even a plan for the UK/Ireland. Then Mr. Rosiek jumped in the picture and I stayed :)


From the USA to Tanzania: From Tanzania with Love From the USA to Tanzania: From Tanzania with Love

Erin Erin  Date 08 September, 2014 11:01

From Tanzania with Love Meet Michael and Ashley Leen, residents of east africa, americans by birth, co-bloggers on from tanzania with love.

1. Why did you move abroad?
We moved abroad because we wanted to take the jump and try living in a developing country. We had opportunities to volunteer in parts of Africa and Central America when we were in college, which gave us the first taste of living and working with poor and marginalized communities internationally. Through those experiences, we learned so much about ourselves and the effects culture has that we knew we wanted to do it again, but this time, for the long-term.


From Australia to USA and back again: Xpatriate Games From Australia to USA and back again: Xpatriate Games

Erin Erin  Date 01 September, 2014 10:16

Xpatriate GamesMy name is Sophia and am currently living it up in Canberra, Australia. I am a Free Range Human who loves all things family, food and travel.

Even after living in six different countries and changing school seven times, I still want to see more!

I am forever plotting, preparing, arranging, scheduling family vacations and adventures wherever I can for my party of three (the husband, Tweeny and I). I blog at


From Scotland to Spain: Guiri Girl in Barca From Scotland to Spain: Guiri Girl in Barca

Erin Erin  Date 25 August, 2014 09:58

guirigirlbarca Julie Sheridan is a Scottish copywriter, poet and blogger who quit her home and career in Edinburgh in spring 2011 to follow a lifelong dream of achieving fluency in Spanish. She’s been ensconced in the Catalan capital ever since, getting eaten alive by mosquitos who feast on rare Celtic blood. She is also a Trustee of Latin American street children’s charity Casa Alianza UK.

1. Why did you move abroad?

With one sole goal – to become fluent in Spanish. I had studied it at university and had been in love with the language since I first heard Gloria Estefan singing in her native Spanish in the late 1980s. After graduating and starting a professional career in Edinburgh, I had very little opportunity to practise my Spanish, and in my early 30s I decided there was nothing for it but to quit my life in Scotland and head south.



From NYC to Cape Town: The South AfriKhan From NYC to Cape Town: The South AfriKhan

Erin Erin  Date 18 August, 2014 07:15

Sarah Khan My name is Sarah Khan, and ever since I moved from New York to Cape Town, South Africa, I've given myself an alter ego: The South AfriKhan.  

1. Why did you move abroad?
It's pretty cliché at this point, but who cares — I came to South Africa on vacation, fell in love with Cape Town and with a guy here (in that order), then married him and moved here a year later.


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